Catholic beauty consultant shares expert fashion tips in new book

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Add some style to your life with top-notch advice from Catholic professional makeup artist, beauty consultant and former editor of Verily magazine's beauty section, Nicole Caruso.

Author, “Worthy of Wearing”
“Personal style is not just about the clothes. It's really about your identity, and it's about your story and the story that Christ gave you, the good with the bad, and learning how to use clothing to express that whole part of who you are.”

It's precisely to help women on this endeavor that Nicole wrote “Worthy of Wearing: How Personal Style Expresses Our Feminine Genius.” It's a rare book that shows women how to integrate their life of faith with their clothing.

Author, “Worthy of Wearing”
“We're worthy of wearing the things that make us feel beautiful and confident because that makes us radiate joy, and that attracts other people to the faith that we love practicing so very much.”

Though her book won't be released until April 27, Nicole shared a few of her secrets for finding inspiration to create a signature style.

Author, “Worthy of Wearing”
“I love watching old movies. I love sidewalk culture and just watching what people are wearing out on the street, and even if I come across a beautiful picture on a blog or on I

Instagram, I'll sort of like pick it apart and see, what do I like about it? What do I already own that's in this picture? And how can I sort of make it my own?”

Starting with whatever is in your closet, Nicole's expert knowledge on fashion, faith and beauty are sure to get you out the door looking and feeling the best version of yourself.

(Photos by Marquel Patton and Bernadette Dalgetty)

Nicole Caruso

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