A new movie, “Resurrection”, offers a message of hope during the pandemic

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Once again this Easter, we’ll relive the story of Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection. What scripture doesn’t tell us too much about, is how the disciples reacted after his Crucifixion. 

According to producer, Roma Downey, that’s exactly what the movie, “Resurrection”, sets out to do. 

Producer, “Resurrection”
“This movie, I think, is different than any other movies that have been made around this subject because it begins at the crucifixion, and then we pick up the story with the fear, the terror, the confusion, the chaos that was going on for the disciples.”

This story really follows their journey.”

“If you’ve taken him, please, tell me where, and I will get him.”

Producer, “Resurrection”
“I think that there are probably many people out there, like myself, who are visual learners, and I have so enjoyed helping paint the picture. And now I find when I go back to scripture, when I hear the Gospel, it brings it alive in a new and different way.”

When the power of visual story-telling meets the greatest story ever told, the result is guaranteed to be something different, and something new.

“Go into the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.”

Several screenplays and movies have attempted to depict the story of the Resurrection before. 

So why this one, and why now? 

Producer, “Resurrection”
“This is the greatest hope story that there ever was, and I think that that ‘why now’ is really because we need hope this year, more than we’ve ever needed it I think.”

The online release of “Resurrection” at Easter is especially timely, as we contemplate not only Christ’s Passion and Death, but the hope-filled message of the empty tomb.

Justin McLellan

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