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Pope Francis explains why praying for other people is the first way to love them

Following Holy Week, the pope centered his catechesis on the communion of saints. He defined it as the “solidarity” between the saints in Heaven and people still on Earth. But not only.

This connection in prayer we already experience here in this earthly life. We pray for each other. We make requests and offer prayers.

He said praying for one another is a way to make love grow and to strengthen existing bonds between people.

Prayers that are good are “expansive.” FLASH They propagate themselves continuously, with or without being posted on social networks. From hospital wards, from moments of festive gatherings to those in which we suffer silently. One person's pain is everyone's pain, and one person's happiness is transmitted to others' souls.

The pope also explained that praying for people means taking an important step, which is thinking about that person, and so, loving them.

The first way to pray for someone is to speak to God about that person. If we do this frequently, each day, our hearts are not closed but open to others. Praying for other people is the first way to love them and be close to them in a concrete way.

Before concluding, he reminded the faithful that this coming Sunday is the Feast of the Divine Mercy established by St. John Paul II.

He also asked for prayers for the victims of the flooding in Indonesia and East Timor.

Javier Romero