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Pope Francis: Covid and climate crisis show that there's no time to lose

The pandemic has reminded us of human beings' mutual dependence on nature, one of the premises of the pope's video message for Earth Day, which is celebrated every April 23.

Pope Francis focused on the global crisis caused by climate change.

“This pandemic has shown us what happens when the world stops, when it pauses, even for just a few months. The impact this has on nature and on climate change, is, in some ways, sadly positive, no? In other words, it's also harmful.”

Pope Francis said both global catastrophes, Covid and climate change, show that we have no time to lose. He notes that time drives us, that we have the means to address the issue and that we are at our limits.

“The adversity we are living with the pandemic, and which we experience through climate change, should drive us toward innovation, toward invention, toward seeking new paths. One does not emerge from a crisis unchanged. We either emerge better or worse. This is the challenge. And if we don't come out better, then we're on a self-destructive path.”

The Pope calls world leaders to respond to these challenges with courage and justice. He asks them to always be honest with the people, so that they know how to protect themselves.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi