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Family breakups can be avoided by eliminating resentment and reproach

María Álvarez de las Asturias has been counseling families for 25 years. Her experience has given her a taste of all the different aspects of family life. Many couples turn to her for help with their issues.

Founder, Instituto Coincidir
“They started to focus on the things that united them. The good of their children and working on the things that united them helped them see one another without criticism, resentment and reproach. They grew closer and reconsidered separating, and last year they sent us a message while they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.”

She says family counseling is an effective method to resolve conflicts, but that it takes a lot of humility for families to ask for help.

Founder, Instituto Coincidir
“We have an enormous lack of hope. We’ve let ourselves be convinced that love doesn’t last, that it’s impossible to love someone forever. Many people get to marriage, or don’t, with the fear that the marriage won’t last and that the end of such a relationship would just cause a lot of pain.”

She says very few couples believe that a marriage can last forever.

She is certain that moments of crisis can be opportunities for growth and offer lessons to love more and better.

Founder, Instituto Coincidir
“In ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ Pope Francis tells us with great clarity and realism how to face crises and difficulties. But we have a lot of work to do to really put his ideas into practice. I think the most important thing right now is for people to address the suffering they’ve been experiencing because of the pandemic.”

It’s in response to these challenges that María Álvarez de las Asturias founded the Instituto Coincidir: a team of experts who help, accompany, counsel and guide individuals and families.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi