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A closer look at Caravaggio's “The Calling of St. Matthew”

This is one of Caravaggio's most famous paintings: “The Calling of St. Matthew.”

It's kept in the Church of St. Louis of the French, in Rome, where it continues to fill visitors with awe. Now the Haltadefinizione website brings the painting's details into sharper focus.

St. Louis of the French

“Those who contemplate it with eyes of faith realize that the Lord calls each person with mercy.”

This is a detailed look at Caravaggio's masterful depiction of the scene in which Jesus calls St. Matthew to follow Him. The characters are dressed in the style of the painter's own time, which shows that God calls people to follow Him in every age. And the artist makes it difficult to identify which of the characters is Matthew.

Few people know that this is one of Pope Francis' favorite paintings. In fact, his episcopal motto is a phrase from this very scene: Miserando atque eligendo. (He looked at him with mercy and chose him).

Álvaro Fernández de Mesa / Javier Romero

RR/ Haltadefinizione