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Pope Francis: Go and visit your grandparents

Pope Francis once again appeared in public to show that his rehabilitation is right on track. 

He prayed the Sunday Angleus as usual, and offered a brief reflection in which he spoke freely.  

"Applause for all of the grandparents, everyone!"

The Pope spoke on the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, and said that inter-generational dialogue is fundamental in moving society forward. 

Please, grandparents and young people, do this: come together, talk, and dialogue. This will make everyone happy.

Pope Francis stressed that the elderly have an important duty to transmit their roots to the youth, to speak to them about God and to care for all people. 

“I ask the Lord that this feast may help those of us who are older to respond to His call in this stage of life, and show society the value of the presence of grandparents and the elderly, especially in this throwaway culture.”

The Pope also prayed for the victims of severe flooding in Zhengzhou, China, in which at least 56 people have died. He also asked for a special blessing for those participating in the Olympic games in Tokyo. 

During this pandemic, may these Games be a sign of hope, a sign of universal brotherhood under the banner of healthy competition.

The Pope asked for prayers from the pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square, and thanked them for coming to see him despite the heat.