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Budapest prepares to receive Pope Francis at International Eucharistic Congress

Pope Francis will soon embark on the Papal plane for the first time in six months to visit Hungary and Slovakia. His first stop: the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest. 

In a meeting at the Vatican, the President of Hungary, János Áder, personally invited the Pope to Budapest to attend the Congress, where the President will be one of the main speakers. 

Secretary General, 52nd International Eucharistic Congress
“The President of the Republic invited the Pope. So he's also a Catholic man. He will give his testimony during the Congress, not only as the President of the Republic but also as a Catholic father and husband.”

Other marquee events of the Congress include the opening Mass, where over one thousand children will receive their first communion, and the closing Mass which will celebrated by Pope Francis in Heroes' Square. 

Secretary General, 52nd International Eucharistic Congress
“We are waiting for 1,200 children to receive for the first time the Holy Eucharist, and it will be the opening ceremony, too. In the end, there will be a Mass in front of the parliament, and after there will be a Eucharistic candlelight procession until the Heroes' Square, where there will be the next day, Sunday, the Statio Orbis, the final Mass.”

In the buildup to the Congress, organizers also held a baking contest to select the Congress' official pastry, in which contestants had to use ingredients that could be found in the Bible, such as figs, dates, blackberries, pistachios, and olive oil. 

Secretary General, 52nd International Eucharistic Congress
“We will give it for the children who will receive their first communion, and we will organize a lunch for poor people before the Congress, to not only give them food, but be at the table and welcome them. And this will be the dessert of this lunch.”

The trip is the first time Pope Francis will travel to Hungary. After celebrating Mass he will continue to Slovakia, where he will spend three days traveling throughout the country.