A documentary about the Tablecloth said to have been used at Jesus' Last Supper

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“There are moments in history that, with their transcendence, transform objects into witnesses and living memory.”

The Sacred Tablecloth of Coria is believed to be the tablecloth that was used at the Last Supper, when Jesus broke bread with his disciples for the last time before being arrested and crucified.

Director, “Mantel Sagrado de Coria”
“It hasn't been officially announced yet. It's a very complex matter, but tradition says (the tablecloth) was a witness of that event. That event, even for an atheist, is a radical event in human history. It changed humanity. That Last Supper changed humanity, whether you're a believer or not.”

Thousands of people would travel to Coria, Spain, to venerate the relic. But in 1791, the Bishop of Coria had the relic stored away to stop overly pious pilgrims from tearing off pieces of the Tablecloth.

Director, “Mantel Sagrado de Coria”
“The relic was stored away until the year 2000, when some researchers, among them John Jackson, whom the Vatican tasked with coordinating the scientific studies on the Shroud of Turin, heard about this relic, which is the only one of its kind in the world. No other place claims to have the tablecloth from Christ's Last Supper. From there, more and more people started to hear about it.”

Dionisio Romero's documentary draws upon interviews and testimonials from researchers and Church figures to explore the different theories on how the Sacred Tablecloth ended up in Coria; on its authenticity; and even on its links to the Shroud of Turin. Romero's goal is to shed light on the relic's centuries-old memory.

Director, “Mantel Sagrado de Coria”
“In fact, the middle part of the documentary we call the biography of the Tablecloth, as if it were a living being. The biography of the Tablecloth. Because that Tablecloth, from what we know, from the documented information, has had an extremely interesting life. It's been through war, exile; it's spent years hidden away.”

The documentary combines art, history and science to piece together the hidden truths woven into the fabric of the Sacred Tablecloth of Coria, which could very well be the same one that witnessed the Institution of the Eucharist.


Mantel Sagrado de Coria

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