How a cancer diagnosis changed this musician's career from pop to praise

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At 22 years old, Tim Timmons was set on leaving his job at his local Church to pursue a career as a mainstream musician. 

Yet his plans completely changed when he received an unexpected diagnosis just two weeks before setting out on his career. 

“I got diagnosed with an incurable cancer at that point, and it was one of those deals where I think Jesus had things that he wanted to invite me into. I remember Jesus really changing my heart to say, 'I think you could help the Church, the people, to worship me, and actually re-present me.'”

Tim decided to orient his music career around the faith that sustained him through his diagnosis. His latest album, “Here,” explores being with Jesus in the present moment and experiencing God wherever we go.  

“I love these songs because I really don't see them as songs, I see these songs as prayers, and again, each of these songs is meant to be sung as we gather but also as we scatter as the Church all week long.”

That desire to follow God throughout each week is what inspired Tim to start 10,000 minutes: a platform which encourages people to invite Jesus into the ordinary and difficult moments in their lives.  

'So there are 10,080 minutes in a week, and 80 of those minutes are spent in a gathering somewhere, that we gather in homes, or in a building and we worship Jesus in those places. But there are 10,000 other minutes until we gather again, and what's so fascinating to me is that those 10,000 minutes, that's when the stuff hits the fan, that's the hard stuff in life is those 10,000 minutes.'

Through his ministry, music, and encouragement, Tim hopes to lead each of his listeners to an encounter with God, and to spend every minute with Jesus.


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