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The 16-year-old martyr of purity the Pope remembers in Slovakia

A martyr of purity little-known outside of Slovakia will be among those Pope Francis remembers on his trip to Slovakia.   

Her name is Anna Kolesárová. She was beatified in Košice three years ago. 

During World War II, she was murdered for resisting a rape attempt at only 16 years old. 

Blessed Anna Kolesárová Pastoral Center
“She refused the Russian soldier who wanted to abuse her, and for that reason and the reason of her faith she was shot two times.”

Fr. Tomáš Tupta is the vice-rector of the Blessed Anna Kolesárová pastoral center in Slovakia, which helps young people deepen their faith. He says that the Pope's visit is a special opportunity to highlight Blessed Anna's life to Slovakia's youth.

Blessed Anna Kolesárová Pastoral Center
"It is very strong especially because of young people who are here, and especially the Pope wants to meet with her, and especially in that place with that special topic it's very great."

In 2018, Anna Kolesárová was beatified in Košice's Lokomotiva stadium. 

Pope Francis will address young people there for one of the largest gatherings of his trip to Slovakia.