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Young priest who rescued people during WWII declared Venerable

Venerable Bernard of the Mother of Beautiful Love was among the silent heroes of World War II.

This young priest died in Poland when he was just 30 years old. He belonged to the Congregation of the Passion. He lived a quiet life in Poland during the Second World War.

Postulator General, Passionists
“He would dig through the rubble with his bare hands, looking for survivors and for the dead. He would give the deceased a dignified burial. The wounded, he would carry on his shoulders to the hospital.”

But that wasn't enough. When a bombardment destroyed the hospital near his house, he transformed the monastery where he lived into a field hospital.

Venerable Bernard was also an avid writer of spiritual letters.

Postulator General, Passionists
“He would write a short note on a piece of paper that he would then fold and leave at the foot of the altar. Later in the day, one of the faithful would take the note. The most surprising thing was that whatever was written on the piece of paper seemed to have been written with that particular person in mind.”

Many compare him to another Passionist, St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, patron saint of youth.

Postulator General, Passionists
“Both were very respectful and polite young men, important qualities for a healthy community life. Qualities tied to the cardinal virtues, which they both lived out.”

Pope Francis recently declared him Venerable. He is the first person from Poland among the Passionists' seven saints, eight Blesseds, 24 Venerables and 9 Servants of God.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi