Vatican court orders that part of investigation in Card. Becciu trial be redone

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The third hearing in the trial against Card. Angelo Becciu and nine others accused of financial crimes involving a property purchase by the Vatican's Secretariat of State, is currently underway.

The defense council had requested that the indictment be annulled because of significant procedural flaws in the prosecution's investigations.

That's why the three judges have ordered that part of the Card. Becciu trial be redone from scratch.

The prosecution will have to question the defendants and witnesses all over again.

This means that two of the charges against Card. Angelo Becciu have been temporarily suspended: that of inciting subordinates to commit illegal acts and that of funneling about $115,000 to a charity run by his brother.

All accusations against another defendant, Raffaele Minicione, have also been dropped. Mincione, a middleman, sold a property in London to the Vatican for $230 million, hiding a mortgage of $173 million.

The prosecution will also have to hand over to the defense council the video with the complete statement of Msgr. Alberto Perlasca, who was in charge of the Secretariat of State's funds.

Perlasca went from being a defendant to a witness after cooperating to reconstruct the transactions made during the illegal financial scheme.

The court has asked to clarify if he committed any crime.

The trial for the other charges will resume on Nov. 17.


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