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His fight with a rare disease brought his family together and is a source of inspiration

Xavi Argemí is twenty-six. At only three years old, he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive degenerative disease that restricts his ability to move freely. 

"Now I am currently in a wheelchair. I can only move my hands a little bit, just enough to drive, write texts and email, and use the computer. And I also have to be fed by a tube."

The Argemís are a family of nine siblings. Together they have always looked after Xavi, and his mother has always taken care of him. 

Xavi's mother
"The truth is that while he sits here in the chair he gets much farther than I do, moving all about."

His newest book is titled “Learning to die in order to live,” and it is dedicated to his two nephews, who are one and three years old. His story even reached the Pope, who in June signed this book with these words of thanks: “To Xavi, with my blessing and my gratitude for your testimony. And asking you to pray for me, Francis.” Soccer players like Piqué have been very moved and grateful for Xavi's story. 

"[It says that] it is worth living each day and valuing each positive thing. That we must see the glass as half full."

Xavi's friends consider themselves as part of his family, and feel inspired by Xavi's example. 

Xavi's mother
"They are very close to Xavi. He gives them this humanity and inspires them. They are inspired by someone who is in a wheelchair and doesn't move."

Xavi's life is a powerful example of overcoming hardship for those suffering from a disease and for anyone seeking a source of inspiration.