Latin Grammy winner who started out singing at church in Guatemala

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This is Aroddy's song, “Ya Me Vi.” His album of the same name won a Latin Grammy for Best Christian Album in Spanish.

He expressed his gratitude for the award on social media, and dedicated the win to his native Guatemala.

But Aroddy says that for him, making Christian music has never been about the awards, but about communicating a message that can change people's lives.

“How many people have perhaps made the decision to follow Jesus, how many have made the decision to continue with their marriage, to continue on their journey, with their career, to give up a plan to take their own life. How many maybe thanks to having heard one of these songs? That, I think, is the most important accomplishment in my life until now.”

Aroddy is from Chiquimula, Guatemala. He has been making music since he was 12 years old. When he was 18, he was able to record for the first time, using the money he made painting houses in his hometown. Now he hopes to inspire others to work hard and never give up on their their dreams.

“When you have a really clear idea of your goal, and you work to accomplish it, then you can reach those goals. So I encourage you to dream. I encourage you to be persistent in following that dream, in working hard. Because sooner or later, you'll accomplish everything you set your mind to.”

What began as a little boy's dream of being a singer-songwriter, with faith and perseverance grew into the opportunity to reach over a million listeners and win one of the most coveted music awards.


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