U.S. pilgrims receive Pope's applause after moving song

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The crowd at the Pope's General Audience fell silent when this group from the United States started to sing. They sang a prayer after Pope Francis greeted the faithful from English-speaking countries. Even the Pope listened attentively.

The group is part of the Neocatechumenal Way. They also sang after seeing the Pope in St. Peter's Square.

Milagros and Maykol are part of this group. They say being close to Pope Francis has been a blessing, and visiting Rome an opportunity to strengthen the faith they are trying to pass down to their nine kids.

“We want to protect our family. We have nine children. And we see that faith is very important, you know, to carry this. Because we are going to pass on, we are going to die one day, but our kids and our grandchildren are going to continue our faith. That's what we want. That's why we came here.”

“What we can transmit to our children is to give them the Holy Spirit, to not give up, you know, to accept the good and the bad, the difficulties that we have in our daily lives, especially in this time of life.”

Many groups attend the General Audiences at the Vatican to pray alongside the Pope.

For those who come from far away, it's also an opportunity to show the Pope their support with gestures like this one.

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