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Rome Reports

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President Emmanuel Macron meets with Pope Francis

The Pope and the President of France met for an hour at the Vatican.

-"How are you?"
-"Very well."

It was a cordial meeting.

-“Say hello to your wife for me.”

President Emmanuel Macron gave the Pope one of the first biographies of St. Ignatius of Loyola, written in 1585 by Giovanni Pietro Maffei; and a modern work by French academic François Sureau.

The Pope gave him his important pontifical documents, with this joke.

-"I hope they don't bore you.”

It was their second meeting. The first one was in 2018.

-"I've worn you out with these stories...."
-"You didn't bore me."
-"Thank you for your patience. Thank you."

President Macron also met with Secretariat of State officials. They discussed matters like the climate crisis, the French presidency of the EU Council; and France's work in Lebanon, the Middle East and Africa.