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Pope Francis admires a photo of Colombia's Tota Lagoon given as a gift

-"Your Holiness, it is an honor and a pleasure. Thank you for receiving us."
-"How are you, ma'am?
-"Such a pleasure."

Pope Francis met with the Secretary General of the Andean Community, Jorge Hernando Pedraza, and his wife.

They brought him several gifts, one of which especially caught the Pope's attention.

-"How beautiful."
-"We have a hotel in Laguna de Tota, in Boyacá and it was about five o'clock. And when I turn to look and I saw the reflection of the Cross, well I had never seen a reflection like that."

The Andean Community is made up of an estimated 111 million people from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The organization aims to improve the quality of life of the area's local populations.