Group of entrepreneurs creates app to connect Catholics looking for relationships

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A group of five friends from Mexico created a dating app especially for Catholics. This idea came from their own search for a partner during the pandemic.

Common App

“We were inspired by the wish and need all of us had to connect and find the person with whom to raise a family. During the pandemic we tried downloading other dating apps, but the experience we had was not the one we were hoping for, since our options were significantly reduced when we filtered by religion.”

Besides connecting people, they want to help them build good relationships. This is why they also involve experts to help the users learn all about how to build a successful relationship.

Common App

“We want to be the number one tool for any Catholic person who is looking to form a marriage. We want to not only connect people who may not find their partner in their current group, but also help them form a great relationship. We want to involve experts to talk about dating, marriage, and sexuality.”

To help people create real and deep connections, they ask users to provide different information that will help match them with the perfect partner. There are even questions about future plans, like “How many children do you want?” 

Common App

“We don't want the profiles to be a catalog, in which people will determine if they like the other based on a photo. We want people to be able to include different types of information: from personal information, such as age and where they come from, to spiritual information such as which Catholic movement they belong to. Who is your favorite saint, your favorite quote from a saint, and information like academic background, how many kids you want, if you like going out or having pets.”

Each of the partners comes from a different professional background, including psychology, marketing, finance, and education. They have reached around 3,000 users from North and South America. 

They have heard back from hundreds of users who have met their partners through the app and are now in happy relationships.


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