British Ambassador to the Vatican: Pope's message on vaccines “really powerful”

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As at the start of every year, the Pope addressed the foreign diplomats to the Vatican to lay out his view on the biggest problems facing the global community. 

For Christopher Trott, the United Kingdom's Ambassador to the Holy See, some of the Pope's messages stood out in particular.

British Ambassador to the Holy See
'He made a very clear pitch for the international community and particularly, let's be honest, the global North, to act quickly to ensure that as many people in the world, including in the global South obviously, are vaccinated quickly. But he talked about it sort of at the multinational level, but then he talked about individual responsibility and I thought that was really powerful.'

Ambassador Trott presented his credentials to Pope Francis to officially become UK's top representative to the Vatican in September. 

After four months in his role, says he is struck by the Pope's ability to draw attention to marginalized communities, such as when he gathered religious leaders from around the world to Rome to advocate for peace and climate justice. 

British Ambassador to the Holy See
'I think giving voice to people, giving voice to people who aren't heard in the corridors of a negotiation is something that the Holy Father does, and it's something that in October last year, with the meeting of religious leaders he enabled and empowered a group of people who represent 70% of the world's population.'

The United Kingdom and the Holy See worked together closely ahead of the COP26 UN climate summit, which was held in the UK. Ambassador Trott says both governments remain committed to investing in the structures which promote cooperation between nations to confront pressing issues, such as the United Nations. 

British Ambassador to the Holy See
'He talked a lot about the importance of dialogue, and the importance of multilateral fora in which to resolve differences. This is something that my government puts a lot of value on, is the importance that we engage in dialogue in the fora that have been created.'

The Ambassador says he is looking forward to working with the Vatican and Catholic networks worldwide in 2022 to advance international development, vaccine distribution, and a commitment to multilateral diplomacy. 


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