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Pope Francis writes to the journalist who recorded him leaving a record store

Pope Francis' surprise visit to a record store went viral, and even reached the Vatican's paper, “L'Osservatore Romano.”

That's why the journalist who caught the Pope on camera wrote to him explaining what happened.

Director, Rome Reports
"I'm sorry that the Pope, who loves freedom, has to stay in his residence, because every move he makes is caught on camera. I wrote to him to apologize and to say that, on the other hand, a story like this, which can make people smile, is important in a time when we only hear about tragedies".

The surprise was that Pope Francis responded with this letter.

The Pope says it was bad luck that, “after taking all the precautions, a journalist was right there waiting for someone at a taxi stand.” He continues: “We must not lose our sense of humor.”

The Pope also writes that what he misses most is walking freely around the city, as he did in Buenos Aires, walking from one parish to another.

With a note of humor, the Pope writes, “Thank you for fulfilling your vocation, even if it means giving the Pope a hard time.”

Director, Rome Reports
"I think the Pope recognizes the importance of a journalist's job, even if it's sometimes uncomfortable for him or causes him problems. But he is grateful for this service of honestly recounting events as they happen".

In any case, the Pope's letter doesn't clarify one of the big mysteries of this story, which is the title of the CD he was given at the record store.