A platform teaches Catholics how to discuss controversial issues in a constructive way

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Brandon Vogt is a Catholic convert who feels called to leading others towards God. Yet when he asked fellow Catholics what the biggest obstacle was to deepening their faith, he was surprised by the result. 

Founder, ClaritasU
'The most common response was some form of “I feel increasingly nervous and anxious about being Catholic because it feels like I'm out of step with the rest of the world. I feel like the culture is pressing in against me, I'm nervous to even identify publicly as a Catholic.”'

That's what inspired him to found ClaritasU, an online platform which teaches Catholics how to discuss controversial issues in a constructive and faithful way. By creating a Catholic learning community and drawing from experts in each field, users can learn Church teaching on topics from transgenderism to prayer, and better understand the nuances of their faith. 

Founder, ClaritasU
'So I go out and find the best Catholic expert on each of these hot button topics, and we get their best tips and strategies on how to talk about these things with family, friends, and loved ones.'

-'Imagine having the right words at the right time, what if you no longer got stuck, what if you could share your faith with your family, friends, and coworkers easily every time.'

ClaritasU aims to lay out common objections to Church teaching, so Catholics can fully understand the positions of others, and meaningfully engage in dialogue.

Founder, ClaritasU
'We focus not only on what to say but how to say it, how to drive the conversation in a positive direction. So for example, on any given topic we have talking tips and strategies that help keep you in the driver's seat of the conversation, ensure that it remains charitable, and that it produces fruit.'

Through ClaritasU, Brandon hopes to empower Catholics to be confident in their faith and articulate their beliefs, so that they'll never have to be shy about being Catholic when having a tricky conversation. 


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