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Pope Francis highlights essential role of pharmacists in overcoming the pandemic

Pope Francis met with members of the International Federation of Catholic Pharmacists at his residence in Casa Santa Marta. 

He apologized for hosting them in his home as the meeting was original scheduled to take place in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace but was moved due to the Pope's knee problem.

Pope Francis thanked the delegation for the ways in which they served their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put pharmacists on the front lines, so to speak. People, often lost, found in you a point of reference to receive assistance, advice, information, and, as we know well, to quickly take the tests necessary for life and daily activities.

The Pope highlighted the necessary role of pharmacists in providing direct care to individuals to be an accessible resource to those who are ill and ease the burden on the health system.

Pharmacists are a bridge between individuals and the health system, which is very bureaucratic, and which the pandemic put to the test, slowing down, if not stopping, certain procedures.

The federation is a lay association founded in 1950, and today it works with pharmacists in 36 countries.