A Catholic Mom’s Life: sharing family life online

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Heather Johnson lives in Virginia with her husband Eric and their five children.

While moving her family around for her husband’s job, Heather says she felt called to start a ministry to help Catholic mothers, one that she could take with her wherever she went.

I just felt like God wanted me to talk about the faith and motherhood and everything in between and just live the life. Be an example, be a visual example, for anyone who might need that type of thing.

The result was starting her YouTube channel, “A Catholic Mom’s Life,” which now has over 60,000 subscribers. There, Heather helps Catholics by discussing topics from teaching the faith to her children, to recipe ideas and homeschooling. 

Alright so now we are going to feast, we have our ice cream and cake, and the kids are really excited.

But above all she offers a glimpse into what authentic Catholic family life looks like.

I got a lot of comments, a lot of people message me, email me, and that’s what they say, they’re like: I didn’t know what a Catholic family looked like, a Catholic family that is striving for holiness, I didn’t even know what that looked like, so thank you for sharing what that could look like.

One way Heather says any family can further integrate faith into their family life is by praying together and for one another. A practice, she says, that begins with the parents.

We started off where we would pray for things that needed prayers, and then at the very end we would say thank you God for my husband Eric, who works so hard and is such a loving person, and thank you God he did the dishes. It was almost a time of affirmation as well to my husband: thanking God, out loud, for the gift of my husband. That was like, amazing, like that was a game changer.


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