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Pope Francis: Holiness is not an idea but an attitude

The COVID-19 pandemic forced major celebrations to be postponed for two years. That's why there hasn't been a canonization in St. Peter's Square since 2019, and it's return felt like a party.

Pope Francis declared 10 blesseds of different nationalities saints.

From the Dutch Carmelite murdered in a concentration camp, to a layman from India martyred in the 18th century. The universality of the Church was on full display in St. Peter's Square.

In his homily, Pope Francis recalled that holiness is not just for heroes, but for everyone, and that it is something within everyone's reach.

Sometimes, by basing ourselves too much on our efforts to do good works, we generate an ideal of holiness that is too dependent on ourselves, on personal heroism, on the ability to renounce, to sacrifice ourselves in order to win a prize.

The Pope explained that the path to holiness does not come from one's capacity to do good, but from an awareness of God that transforms our lives.

While the world often wants to convince us that our value depends on the results produced, the Gospel reminds us of the truth of life: we are loved. And this is our value.

This is why he invites each person to discover what it means that God loves each one of us.

At the end of the celebration, Pope Francis climbed into the popemobile to pass among the nearly 50,000 pilgrims present, greeting them and blessing children.