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Spanish family receives Pope Francis' skullcap in honor of deceased daughter

We have a sister who went to Heaven five months ago.

May God bless you always. May you continue to pray for me.

That always

For, not against

This family greeted Pope Francis during his General Audience and they say it was a gift from their daughter, Eugenia, who passed away five months ago. She was 9 years old and suffered from cerebral palsy. 

Well, we asked her for it. And we gave it to the twins for their birthday trusting that the Lord was going to help us get to the audience. And the truth is that she opened the doors for us to be here today.

Pope Francis also gave them his skullcap or zucchetto as a gift. 

What happened Catalina?

He gave me his hat.

We bought him a skullcap and he took it off, put it on Catalina and took the new one, the one we gave him. That is what he did. And he said: well, take care of it (the skullcap).

They also gave him Eugenia's book.

We also gave him Eugenia's book, with a dedication and two holy cards.

The family has an association to help children with cerebral palsy and were able to tell the Pope about it. 

And he was very happy. He smiled at us from ear to ear. Then, he blessed each one of the girls and he put his hand on their heads. It was amazing.

The family believes the meeting with Pope Francis was a gift from Eugenia in Heaven. 

Before she died, traveling gave us a lot of joy, but there was also a sense of sorrow because we had to leave her at home since we couldn't do many things with her. But now, you have the feeling that wherever you go, she always goes with you. It has been a very special trip.

They return to Madrid with joyous memories with Pope Francis and the reminder that Eugenia is guiding and protecting them from Heaven.