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Evangelization through cartoons—making lives of saints accessible in the 21st century

As the general manager of Tabor Productions, Israel Arenas was able to fulfill a dream he had since childhood—evangelizing through cartoons.

His videos narrate the lives of great figures of the Church such as St. Joseph Calasanz or Daniele Comboni.

General Manager, Tabor Producciones

I think we are lacking in images that tell us about the life, work and charism of founders, foundresses and exemplary characters, who are witnesses of the richness of Christian life, of the value of spirituality, of service in the likeness of Jesus, of how He was the driving force of their lives.

Tabor Productions was founded in 2006 and now, their videos have been translated into more than seven languages. They have become one of the few companies in the world that specialize in religious animation.

General Manager of Tabor Producciones

We have received recognition from many parts of the world. The videos have been viewed by many people online and have been translated into the most common languages, but also into other not so common languages, like Japanese, Thai, Croatian, and Arabic, for example.
We're overjoyed to know that the people who see the videos identify with them and are moved by them, that the message reaches them. This is the best gift we can receive.

Arenas believes Tabor Productions creates religious cartoons that transmit values to help strengthen all people in their spiritual lives.