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Pope Francis praises grain exports from Ukrainian ports: “Dialogue is possible”

After praying the Angelus, Pope Francis praised the departure of the first ships loaded with grain from Ukrainian ports in months.

This step demonstrates that it is possible to dialogue and to reach concrete results for everyone’s benefit. Therefore, this event also presents itself as a sign of hope, and I sincerely hope that, following in this direction, there might be an end to combat and that a just and lasting peace might be reached.

Some 170,000 tons of food has so far been allowed to pass through the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports along Black Sea.

This ship is headed to Lebanon, just one of the many developing countries crippled by rising food prices resulting from the war in Ukraine. 

The UN says the deal signed between Russia and Ukraine in the midst of the war to open Ukrainian ports to the world is historic, but that it is only a first step. 

It's critically important that we open up the pier space in the Odessa ports so that we can bring empty ships in to be loaded with grain and get them to the places that desperately need it.

Ukraine is among the world's leading grain exporters, supplying more than 45 million tons of grain to the global market each year, giving rise to its nickname “the breadbasket of Europe.”