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Pope Francis begins new catechesis on discernment with reminder of final judgement

During his General Audience, Pope Francis began a new series of catechesis on discernment. The Pope spoke about discernment in every day life, which takes hard work, but he also touched on the final judgement will require God's discernment with regard to each one of us. He reminded the pilgrims present that discernment means knowing oneself and having a relationship with God.


Dear brothers and sisters: 

Today we begin a new series of catecheses dealing with discernment, the process of making sound decisions about the meaning and direction of our lives. In the Gospels, Jesus uses everyday discernment practised by fishermen and merchants to teach the importance of wisely choosing to live a life in accordance with God’s will. Authentic discernment calls for knowledge, insight and experience but also the wisdom of the heart, firm commitment and unremitting effort. 

As an exercise of our God-given freedom, spiritual discernment seeks to know our place in the Creator’s plan for ourselves and for our world. For our decisions, good or evil, can make the earth either, as God intends, a magnificent garden or a lifeless desert. True discernment, born of our loving relationship with God and our human freedom, brings with it a deep spiritual joy and fulfilment. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten and guide us in our daily efforts to live lives of holiness, wisdom and fidelity to the saving truth of the Gospel.