Pope Francis: Vatican in contact with Nicaragua, but their actions are “difficult to understand”

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Returning from Kazakhstan, the Pope responded to a question on the situation in Nicaragua. He said that at this time, there “is dialogue” between the Holy See and the Nicaraguan government, although their actions are “difficult to understand and swallow.” He referenced the expulsion of the Vatican's ambassador and the religious congregation founded by Mother Teresa. 

Regarding Nicaragua, the news is clear. There is dialogue. There has been contact with the government; there is dialogue. That doesn't mean you approve of everything the government does or you disapprove of everything. It does not. There is dialogue and there is a need to solve problems. Right now there are problems. I at least expect the sisters of Mother Teresa to be able to return. These women are good revolutionaries, but of the Gospel! They do not make war against anyone. Rather, we all need these women. This is a gesture that is difficult to understand, but hopefully they will return, and may the dialogue continue. But never stop the dialogue. There are things you do not understand. To send a nuncio away to the border is a serious diplomatic matter. The nuncio is a good person who has now been appointed somewhere else. These things are hard to understand and also hard to swallow.

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