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First Jewish recipient among the winners of 2022 Ratzinger Prize

On December 1, Pope Francis will present the Ratzinger award to Fr. Michel Fédou, a Jesuit professor, and Dr. Joseph Weiler, a lawyer and the first Jewish recipient.

This is the 11th year of the Ratzinger Prize, which is the most important initiative of the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican

Foundation. The award recognizes people for their publications, research and work in the fields of Theology, Scripture and Philosophy. But it is also dedicated to the love and support Pope Benedict XVI gave to field of academia.

A theologian who knew how to open and nourish his own reflections and cultural dialogue jointly in many directions, because faith and the Church live in our world and are allies towards the search for the truth. I am talking about Joseph Ratzinger.

Pope Benedict XVI is known for his love of education and teaching Theology as he was a professor in Germany for many years. He is considered as one of the most important theologians of the 20th century.