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Pope Francis thanks Vatican employees for their patience

Pope Francis entered the Paul VI Audience Hall to the sound of cheers before greeting Vatican employees for Christmas. His annual Christmas meeting with them began as a thanksgiving to God for overcoming the worst phase of the pandemic.

The Pope said that when challenges pass, it is important not to forget them, and to God's presence in them, to thank Him, and ask for His help in resolving issues such as the unemployment and inequality produced by coronavirus.

We want to give thanks because we have been able to come back to work, while trying to overcome rather large problems that were created during that difficult time.

Pope Francis asked those who make the Vatican run to find peace in their everyday challenges. As an example, he cited the faith in God demonstrated by Joseph and Mary when they couldn't shelter in Bethlehem.

In the hearts of Mary and Joseph there was a deep peace that came from God and the knowledge of carrying out His will, of searching for it together in prayer and mutual love.

The Pope also thanked those gathered for everything they do inside the walls of the Vatican, and above all, for their patience.

And sometimes also for your patience. Because I know there are situations in which you test your patience. Thank you for that.
Let us thank the Lord for this grace of work. Cherish your work and do it with dignity. Thank you for this, for what you do in here. Without you it would not work.

Pope Francis wished them a merry Christmas and said hello to the children present in the Paul VI Audience Hall. Yet they weren't the only ones who cried, this woman with an Argentinean flag couldn't contain her emotions around the Pope, either.