KEYS: 2022 at the Vatican, the year of reform

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Despite Pope Francis' mobility problems, the Vatican was still able to complete some important work.

And I would like to tell you that today I won't be able to pass among you all to greet you, because I have a problem with my right leg.

The wear and tear on the Pope's knee was one of the biggest concerns of the year. It forced him to modify his schedule and even cancel some international trips, like the one to Africa, scheduled for July.

I truly feel great sorrow for having had to postpone this trip.

But that did not prevent the Pope from carrying out the long-awaited reform of the Roman Curia. The reform was outlined in the apostolic constitution Praedicate evangelium—a document that offers more room for the laity in the Vatican offices.

Secretary, Council of Cardinals

A prefect or the equivalent and a secretary are no longer automatically a cardinal or a bishop.

Praedicate evangelium intended to improve communication between dioceses and the Pope. 

Pontifical Advisor, expert in Canon Law

Every bishop has the right to speak directly with the Roman Pontiff and does not necessarily have to go through the Curial offices. Therefore, curial institutions dealing with the most important issues must cooperate with the particular churches.
And when finished, a document must be communicated directly to the bishops, bishops' conferences and Eastern hierarchical structures and not simply to the papal nuncio. It must be communicated to the papal nuncio but also directly to the bishops.

One of the main topics of 2022 was transparency in the Vatican. After many delays, the court trial against Cardinal Angelo Becciu and other Holy See staff members allegedly involved in a real estate venture that cost the Vatican millions of dollars began. The trial is still ongoing.

I'm not afraid because...I don't think I've committed any crime.

In November, another trial opened in the Vatican courts. The Vatican's former auditor general, Libero Milone, was appointed in 2015 and unexpectedly dismissed in 2017. He announced that he wanted to pursue a case against the Secretariat of State. 

Milone believes he was dismissed for checking the accounts of Vatican institutions. He says he was met with resistance when doing his job. On the other hand, the Holy See said that, at the time, Milone had overstepped his duties by spying on cardinals. Something he denies.

Former Vatican Auditor General

I always acted within the framework of the rules dictated by the charter and by the Holy Father, who was my only superior.
What had we gotten close to? That is the question. What had we seen or thought that we had seen that was causing problems there.

The war in Ukraine strongly shaped Pope Francis' agenda for 2022. At the beginning of the conflict, he made a very moving gesture when he personally visited the Russian ambassador to the Holy See to ask for peace.

The Pope also consecrated Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and used most of his public messages to call for an end to the war.

The most striking moment was when he burst into tears during the tribute to the Immaculate Conception on December 8.


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