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Pope Francis explains the importance of the Word of God in three points

Pope Francis explained the importance of the Word of God in the life of every Christian in three points.

The first of these was to reflect on the recipient of the Word—all of humanity. He said that this has very concrete consequences in the life of the Church because it means that Christians must be open to others.

If salvation is meant for all, even the most distant and lost, then the proclamation of the Word must become the main priority of the Church community, as it was for Jesus. Let us not profess a big-hearted God and be a narrow-hearted Church—this would be, I dare say, a curse.

Secondly, the Pope pointed out that a characteristic feature of the Word of God is that it invites us to a profound conversion and urges us to proclaim it.

So, like a sword, the Word pierces into our lives, making us discern feelings and thoughts of the heart, that is, it makes us see where and what the light of goodness is, and where the darkness of vices and sins that must be fought is thickest. The Word, when it finds us, transforms our hearts and minds; it changes us, leading us to direct our lives to the Lord.

During the celebration, Pope Francis conferred the ministries of lector and catechist on people from different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and the Philippines. 

This is the fourth Word of God Sunday that Pope Francis has celebrated.