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Pope Francis says he wants to visit Mongolia and India next year

On his return flight from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pope Francis spoke of some of the countries he would like to visit in the coming year. He touched on his motivations for choosing certain countries to visit, particularly in Europe.  

I think India will be next year. I am going to Marseille on September 29, and there is a possibility that I will fly from Marseille to Mongolia. But it is not confirmed yet, but it is possible. There's another one this year...I can't remember. Lisbon. The criteria: I chose to visit the smaller countries of Europe. They will say, "But he went to France." No, I went to Strasbourg. I will go to Marseille, not France. I go to the smallest to get to know a little bit about the hidden Europe—the Europe that is full of culture but is unknown. I go to accompany countries. For example, Albania, which is the country that suffered the cruelest dictatorship in history. My choice is then this: to try not to fall into the globalization of indifference.