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At General Audience, Pope Francis repeats appeal to end exploitation of Africa

Pope Francis welcomed the English speaking visitors, including those from England and the United States of America. 

During the Audience, the Pope shared insights about his recent trip to Africa.


Dear brothers and sisters: 

My recent Apostolic Journey to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to South Sudan took me to two African countries rich in natural and human resources, yet plagued by war and violence. In Congo, I called for an end to the exploitation of Africa, appealed for peace and reconciliation, and encouraged the Christian community, and especially its many young people, to be a source of hope and renewal for the future of the nation.

In South Sudan, I was joined by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Supreme Moderator of the Church of Scotland on an ecumenical pilgrimage for peace in that young country. Together we called for progress to be made in carrying out the peace agreement and prayed for an end to violence perpetrated in the name of God.

I urged the nation’s Christians and, in a special way, its women, to persevere in their witness of peace and their works of fraternal charity towards all the victims of conflict and injustice, particularly the great numbers of the displaced. May the seeds they sow in faith and hope bear rich fruit for a future of peace and the growth of God’s kingdom of love, justice and peace.

I extend a warm welcome to the English speaking pilgrims taking part in today’s Audience, especially those from England and the United States of America. I offer a special greeting to the many student groups present. Upon all of you, and upon your families, I invoke the joy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you!