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Ukraine field hospital proposal to Pope Francis could save 30 lives each day

A new initiative has been proposed to Pope Francis. He recently met with Sister Lucia Caram, who has traveled to Ukraine many times to care for those wounded from the war. She urged the Pope to establish a field hospital in the country. 

Sister Lucia wants the project to be up and running before October. The field hospital would have two operating rooms, three intensive care units and diagnostic rooms.

Foundation of the Convent of Santa Clara
It is mounted on trailers and in 20 minutes or a half an hour it can be assembled and disassembled. And it can be moved about fifty kilometers from where the war front is.

Her team has three objectives: to minimize deaths, prevent injuries that may cause lifelong disabilities and transport the injured to the nearest health centers.

Foundation of the Convent of Santa Clara
40% of the seriously wounded at the war front end up dying due to lack of care. A hospital with the features we are proposing—and hopefully there can be more than one—can save between 20 or 30 lives per day.

The Pope was fascinated by the idea and said she can count on his support. 

Foundation of the Convent of Santa Clara
Everything that involves humanitarian aid and mobilization to continue working for peace...It is absolutely available and is never a waste.

Next month will mark Sister Lucia's 18th trip to Ukraine to care for the wounded.