Pope Francis dedicates his weekly catechesis to Our Lady of Guadalupe

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Pope Francis, in his weekly catechesis, reflected on evangelization in Mexico. He focused on the importance of Our Lady of Guadalupe and also spoke about the testimony of St. Juan Diego. 

Dear brothers and sisters:

In our continuing catechesis on apostolic zeal, we have been reflecting on the spread of the Gospel through the witness of men and women of every time and place.

Today we consider the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Blessed Juan Diego, an event that contributed decisively to the evangelization of the Americas. By appearing to Juan Diego in native attire and speaking his language, the Blessed Virgin showed herself a Mother, the very Mother of God, and invited the indigenous peoples to take refuge beneath her mantle. The miracle of the roses that bloomed in mid-winter, and the appearance of Our Lady’s image on the fabric of Juan Diego’s cloak, speak eloquently of God’s preferential love for the poor and Mary’s maternal cooperation in the extension of his Kingdom.

They also remind us of the important role of mothers and grandmothers in spreading the Gospel message, and, as in the case of Juan Diego, of our need as Christians for perseverance in the faith of our baptism. May the Mother of God, whose loving presence is felt in Guadalupe and in countless Marian shrines throughout the world, continue to draw hearts to Jesus her Son and to the saving truth of the Gospel.



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