Archbishop Shevchuk says Pope Francis assured Ukrainian bishops: “I am with you”

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From September 3-13, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church held their annual synod. In a press conference in Rome, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk spoke about the Ukrainian bishops expressing their worries to Pope Francis during their two hour meeting.

Major Archbishop, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
When we were talking about the many sorrows of the Ukrainians, he said: but you have another sorrow, that maybe you doubt who the Pope is with. And he assured us, saying: I am with you. And this word of the Pope—that he assured us that he is with us—was a message of consolation.

During the 10 day synod, Archbishop Shevchuk said the bishops focused on how to care pastorally for all Ukrainians affected by the war.

Major Archbishop, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

We all have to learn a new way of pastoral service which is called pastoral care of people who are hurting. As a result, our health ministry committee has proposed and has already organized a course of re-education for all our priests, all our monks, and even the bishops.
Just to be able to accompany this wounded people.

The Major Archbishop said that the bishops did not discuss a future papal visit to Ukraine with the Pope. Yet Archbishop Shevchuk did express the need for a trip to be able to fully understand the wounds of the Ukrainian people.

But the Archbishop emphasized the value of the Vatican's ongoing peace efforts through Cardinal Matteo Zuppi's visits to various countries.

Major Archbishop, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
These missions of Cardinal Zuppi open other paths. His visit to Ukraine was really important. We were in contact with him. Then everything we put in his hands, he took to Moscow.
His visit to the United States with President Biden and these days, the visit to China. In my opinion, all of them are, let's say, signs of hope. We accompany Cardinal Zuppi with our prayers.

The synod brings Ukrainian Greek Catholic bishops from around the world to discuss topics affecting the Church as well as it is an opportunity to elect new bishops to serve in the different dioceses.


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