Only Catholic Church in Gaza Strip houses 700 Christians

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It's been one month since the Hamas terrorist group attacked communities in Israel. Now, thousands have been displaced and have sought shelter where ever they can. Many have gathered in the only Catholic church in the Gaza Strip, Holy Family.

Gaza has a population of about 2 million Muslims. In the Christian minority, most are Greek Orthodox. And the number of Christians has decreased in recent years to only about 1,000.

In a video released by Holy Family Catholic Church, a group of children are praying as the sounds of bombs are heard in the background.

About 700 people are living there. And the parish priest, Fr. Gabriel Romanelli, says they are doing everything they can to help those seeking a safe haven.

In an open letter, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Cardinal Pizzaballa, petitions the international community to help the suffering poeple in the Middle East. He says that through their aid, the people in Gaza and Israel will be able to rebuild a society based on quote “the seeds of trust, hope and love.”

Pope Francis remains in contact with the parishioners of Holy Family calling them every day.


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