Updates on Pope Francis' health

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Pope Francis' health has once again been the focus of attention at the Vatican. On Saturday morning, he suspended his official audiences due to what the Holy See defined as a “slight flu-like condition.”

That same afternoon, he went to this hospital for tests, after which the doctors allowed him to return to Casa Santa Marta.

Pope Francis spent the entire day on Sunday at the Casa. More than 10,000 people were waiting for him in St. Peter's Square to pray the traditional Sunday Angelus. The Pope did not want to miss his regular appointment with pilgrims. Due to his fragile health, he went down to the chapel of Casa Santa Marta to broadcast the Angelus live rather than going to the papal apartments to greet the crowds.

Dear brothers and sisters, happy Sunday!
Today, I can't look out the window because I have this problem of inflammation in my lungs and here to read the reflection will be Monsignor Braida, who knows it well because he is the one who makes them and he always does them so well! Thank you so much for your presence.

The Pope seemed weak but in good spirits. The last time he had been under the weather was on November 6, when he decided not to read a speech because he said he felt unwell. This was only a passing incident as he attended several other meetings on the same day.

Nevertheless, he has had some health issues over the last two years. First, his knee problems forced him to use a wheelchair for a number of his trips. And, in 2023, he was admitted to the hospital on two occasions. One in March for a lung infection and the other in June for an abdominal hernia operation. In December, Pope Francis will celebrate his 87th birthday.


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