Pope Francis challenges Marxists and Christians to combat corruption, lawlessness

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In the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis welcomed members of the group, DIALOP Transversal Dialogue Project, which is centered on developing dialogue between Socialists, Marxists and Christians.

The Pope warned against losing the ability to dream of a better world and challenged the group to “not back down.” He encouraged them to develop three characteristics: the courage to break the mold, attention to the weak and following the law to create a fairer world.

What we have said so far implies a commitment to combating the scourge of corruption, abuse of power and lawlessness. For it is only in honesty that healthy relationships can be established and that we can cooperate confidently and effectively in building a better future.

DIALOP was founded after two Left wing politicians met with Pope Francis in 2014 and he
encouraged them to form a group dedicated to fostering dialogue. One of them was the leader of of a Greek political party, Syriza.

Former Prime Minister of Greece

It is necessary to continue this dialogue between European Left and Christian Church. Even though we started from different points, ideological points, we believe we have common positions in the principles of solidarity, in the principles of justice, peace and cohesion.

Today, the group members include both politicians and students from both political sides.


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