Knights of Columbus provide one million coats to children in need

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“Where there's a need, there's a Knight.” This is one of the mottoes of the Knights of Columbus and one they have been living up to since their founding in 1882. And for the last 14 years, this group has been filling a need in local communities in a very special way.

Director of Programs and Member Engagement

The past Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson, he noticed the huge need that existed in inner cities especially, like Detriot, Washington D.C., Chicago, just through his travels. So he decided to launch this program and in that first year, we distributed over 1,000 coats to each of those cities.
The Coats for Kids program is an activity, a program of the Order. All of our members get together and collect funding, collect donations to purchase coats for kids in need.

In addition to children, the program also provides jackets to veterans and homeless all across the United States and Canada. The coats are distributed primarily in the fall to prepare everyone for the winter months, especially in cities where temperatures can drop below -4°F and homeslessness is high.

This past December, the Knights gave out their one millionth jacket at a school in Colorado.

Director of Programs and Member Engagement

The prinicpal of the the school in Denver came up to us and said, “You know, some of the parents come up to us and they were crying, telling us how much of a difference this would make for their budget and how much it meant to their kid.”
It helps them participate in the life of their school, to participate in their activities after school. You wouldn't expect it, but for a lot of low income families, it's a life-changing donation because not everyone has money to afford things like a coat.

Dillingham says the Knights will continue this mission and are hoping to celebrate giving out the two millionth coat in the near future.


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