New E-learning tool will help women religious combat abuse

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A new learning tool has been created to help the over half a million religious sisters and consecrated women combat one of the greatest crises facing the Catholic Church: abuse.

This blended e-learning unit is intended to be used around the world in different cultures and contexts—all with the goal of helping these women better understand and implement safeguarding in their personal lives and work.

Institute of Anthropology, Pontifical Gregorian University
We need to safeguard every person, especially the most vulnerable ones, children, adolescents and vulnerable adult persons. And this is by creating safe space, living out safe relationships and following safe processes. This is safeguarding. Religious sisters will be and have already been of the greatest importance to deliver that message.

What makes this unit unique is that it was made for and with the help of religious sisters and consecrated women. This makes it a useful tool to help religious combat the problems of abuse they face—no matter what form it may take.

Executive Secretary, International Union of Superiors General
We have to understand power relationships and that being in certain roles and responsibilities can give us power over others. Instead, we are trying to create a mutuality where we enrich one another's lives. No matter who I am, no matter who the other person is, we have something to contribute to one another in terms of our own growth and development.

The blended e-learning safeguarding unit was created by the Pontifical Gregorian University's Institute for Anthropology with the support of the Hilton Foundation. It includes interactive videos, practical examples and educational modules—with human dignity at the center.

Catholic Sisters Initiative, Hilton Foundation
Integrating safeguarding in the formational process demonstrate the commitment of the Church and congregations to promote a safe culture, promoting the welfare of all and protecting those that are at risk. Safeguarding itself helps recognize the dignity of each person.

The new platform was launched in its English version on May 24 and will be translated into multiple other languages. Although the tool is geared towards religious sisters, its impact will extend through their work to all corners of society.


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