Benedict XVI pens letter to Italian newspaper: I'm heading toward Home

Since his resignation exactly five years ago, pope emeritus Benedict XVI has remained almost completely out of the public eye. However, Ratzinger has chosen to shed a bit more light on both his state of mind and being in a new letter to an Italian newspaper. 

The nine-line message arrived at Rome-based Il Corriere della Sera on Tuesday morning, complete with Benedict's fragile signature. 

The pope emeritus also expresses his gratitude to the newspaper and its readership for their concern for his well-being since his resignation. In the letter's brief contents, Ratzinger refers to “a slow decline of physical forces” and admits to being on an “inward pilgrimage to Home.” 

Later, he assures it's “a blessing to be surrounded in this occasionally difficult final stretch by a love and kindness I never could've imagined.”

Sunday, February 11 will mark the fifth anniversary of the announcement of Benedict's resignation

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