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Pope Francis: Do not get carried away with a false security of physical or social walls


The organizations representing marginalized sectors around the world concluded their Third World Meeting with the pope. 

Among them was environmental activist and anti-globalization author, Vandana Shiva. In 1993, she won the Right Livelihood Award, which many call the "Alternative Nobel Prize."

The objectives pursued by these groups are as basic as they are difficult to achieve: land, shelter and work for everyone. The pope told them to find land to work on, a roof under which to live and a job that provides the necessary dignity to overcome the fear that becomes an accomplice of tyrannies.

"No tyranny, no tyranny can be sustained without exploiting our fears. This is key. Hence all tyranny is terrorism. When that terror, which was sown in the peripheries - like massacres, looting, oppression and injustice - operates in centers with different forms of violence, including hateful and cowardly attacks, citizens who still retain some rights are tempted to false security of physical or social walls."

He told them they should have the courage to build bridges instead of walls. Their role is also necessary in order to rediscover democracy, and to revitalize politics. He said that it is necessary that people are thrifty, help and lead others through their example.

"Politics is not the place for 'anyone who is too attached to material things or to the mirror.' FLASH Please do not meddle in politics, do not get into a social organization or a popular movement, because he will do more harm to himself, his neighbor and will stain the noble cause of defending. Also, do not enter the seminary."

In addition to the representatives of these popular movements in the Paul VI Audience Hall, there were also some people who were sick. As is typical of the pope, he had some especially compassionate moments with them like this.

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