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From a wheelchair: What it feels like when the pope looks into your eyes and hugs you


Regina did not expect such a complete trip to Rome. She was present for the last great ceremonies for the Jubilee year, something she never imagined would happen.
"I was in the line with the disabled and suddenly I see the pope start to come down and I begin to shout like crazy: Papa! Papa!"
"Obviously I started crying like crazy. It was very emotional to be honest."

This greeting came at the conclusion of the closing Mass of the Holy Year. Although Regina was also able to see the Pope in her own country of Mexico when he visited in February.
There, like all who followed the trip, one of the scenes that struck her most was Pope Francis' visit to Mexico's Infant Federico Gómez hospital.
"The truth is that the Pope impressed me a lot. He's the most human pope I've ever met. I was very impressed when he went to Mexico and stood before a girl who had cancer and she sang the Hail Mary."
The closing of the Jubilee has left Regina in a special, unforgettable way, just like so many others who hold a special piece of Heaven in their heart because of Pope Francis.

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