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Pope Francis meets with John Kerry in his last visit to the Vatican as Secretary of State


John Kerry visited Pope Francis in the Vatican, in what presumably was his last visit to the Vatican as Secretary of State of the United States.
The last time they both met was in September 2015, during the pope's trip to the United States.
Kerry and the pope discussed issues concerning climate change and immigration, as well as the uncertain political situation in the United States.

"I think you understand everything, from what I hear. I know you do.”

John Kerry was joined by his team and the US Ambassador to the Holy See, Ken Hackett.
The pope gave Kerry a copy of his three most important works.

"The three documents: The joy of the gospel, the care for creation, and the family.”

The meeting was very friendly and warm throughout. As always, Pope Francis asked John Kerry what he asks all his guests.

"Thank you so much”
"Pray for me”
"I promise you. Thank you so much. Thank you very, very much.”