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Order of Malta launches original campaign during Fridays of Lent


In recent years, Pope Francis has proposed to not just limit fasting to food, and that the practice of penance helps people become generous.

He explained this concept in one of his tweets:

"Fasting is not only depriving oneself of bread; It is also sharing bread with the hungry. "

To put it into practice, the Spaniards of the Order of Malta have launched an original campaign.

Malteser International
"For us Christians, Lent is a time of preparation where we put aside our own needs to focus on other people and our relationship with God. When we use this time to help those in need, we grow as people and become examples of God's mercy in the world."

The proposal is that every Friday during Lent, people eat rice or soup, and dedicate what they would have spent at lunch to a charity. 

The campaign is called "Make Lent Count.” It is a simple initiative, but with great horizons. They hope to improve the lives of those who are hungry, and help others become more generous.

Order of Malta
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