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Rome Reports

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World Cup at the center of Pope's meeting with Latin American bishops

Pope Francis met with the leadership of the Populorum Progressio Foundation. The group works closely with indigenous communities in Latin America. "The patriarch of America...â? Surrounded by his colleagues,the Pope showed right away the humility he is known for. -Did you celebrate his birthday? Did you get him a cake? -Later today. Throughout the audience, there was one thing on their minds. Pope Francis joked with the archbishop of Salvador in Brazil.  "Congratulations. The first goal against [Brazil] must have been hard to swallow.â? Business aside, when they finished the formal part of their audience, the conversation between the Pope and the group shifted again to the World Cup.  -Your Holiness, Colombia will beat Greece. -It's possible. Before saying goodbye, the Pope had a surprise in store for the archbishop of Guayaquil, Ecuador, who celebrated his birthday on June 3. "He turned 75 years old, so we have to give him his birthday gift.â? John Paul II established the Populorum Progessio Foundation in 1992 to support the development of campesinos, or farmers, in Latin America. The foundation leadership meets every year in Rome. The four-day session started on Tuesday and closed off with the Pope's audience. RCA CTV JM -PR Up: KLH